Pour Some Sugar On Me

January 14, 2011

It was one of those mornings that every working mom has experienced. It started with immense joy (pun intended) that my fat pants “finally” fit after the holidays. It continued with panicked surprise when I couldn’t find my car keys 30 seconds before we walked out the door for school. It reached its pinnacle when I was stricken with a back spasm after attempting sarcastic laughter at my first voicemail of the day which came from the school nurse letting me know that my youngest poked himself in the eye with a colored pencil, but “they would not require me to come pick him up.”

On mornings like this when I want to pack it up and head home for a well-deserved cocktail, nap and trip to the nail salon, I feel blessed that I can turn to my job to bring me joy, surprises, and laughter (no pun intended here – I love my job). Most recently my joy comes from work on the 2011 Mom Congress Education and Learning conference, an initiative by Parenting Magazine, along with Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies as their educational provider, which celebrates and connects moms fighting for better schools. On this day, I had an amazing conference call with a Georgetown University faculty member who will provide their research and expertise on the topic of Early Childhood Education. I was then wonderfully surprised by emails from other faculty and staff at the University excited about participating in Mom Congress. As one faculty member noted, Mom Congress is “such an ambitious and constructive endeavor.” I completely agree and welcome the opportunity to add my voice to the mom advocate’s leading the charge for better schools.

After starting the day on a sour note, then turning it around with fulfilling projects, I did end this work day laughing. I found myself still in the office after 8:00 pm along with another working mom. We decided to amuse each other by blasting our laptop speakers with NSFW music. Her choice was Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”. My choice was Def Leppard, “Pour Some Sugar on Me”. Oh, how I truly love my sweet job!


One Response to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

  1. Hollie said

    Oooh! I love your layout!!! 🙂 And the blog name. And the post. And, and, and…

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