Happy Hausfrau Day (Babushka Optional)

January 27, 2011

Today is my favorite Momosa holiday – Hausfrau Day (Babushka Optional)! Every January in the DC area, there is a 100% chance that I get to celebrate Hausfrau Day via a snow day. Now that my boyz are old enough to get their own snacks without burning our house down, I get to choose the pace of this magical day. No more nap trap (first down at 10am-wakes up at 12pm, second down at 12pm – wakes up at 2pm, first back down at 2pm-4pm – trapped at home from 10am-4pm), no more pleas of “entertain me Disney-style,” no more potty training accidents on my new carpet. This is Mommy’s time to plan.

First off, for Hausfrau Day I get to wear whatever I want which does NOT include lined slacks and pizza slice toe shoes. Today I chose pink cotton pajama pants, red fluffy slippers, glitter hairclip, and black “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” t-shirt. My ensemble is comfortable, colorful, has some bling, but showcases a modern edgy twist. I describe my work fashion sense in the same way, only I wouldn’t be caught dead out of the house in this “statement.”

Due to my traditional Hausfrau Day costume, I have a limited geographic area to explore, so therefore, I choose to stay in my own den today. Instead of viewing Excel documents and composing emails, I am viewing Millionaire Matchmaker and composing facebook wallposts. Macaroni and cheese lunch prepared by an 8 and 3/4 yr old tastes a million times better than any masterpiece made by a sandwich ‘artist’ from Subway.

The best part of Hausfrau Day will happen around 3pm when I succumb to the afternoon sleepyz and hit the couch for a Celebratory Nap. Don’t wave a cup of coffee near me in case I get caffeine poisoning that could disturb my slumber. This Sleeping Beauty needs a slobbery dog kiss or the melodic sounds of brother-on-brother violence to awake.

Unfortunately, Hausfrau Day ends around 5pm because that is when the guilt starts to outweigh the enjoyment. It also coincidentally is the same time that Oprah ends . . . At 5pm I will race around the house, stuffing items in the dishwasher and washing machine, throw on a pair of jeans, cardigan and ballet flats, and shove a casserole in the oven so that when hubby comes home all evidence of Hausfrau Day are tucked away.

Hausfrau Day is a secret holiday that I will only share with other Momosas. So, when it is your turn, I wish you a merry version of your own Hausfrau Day (Babushka Optional) to you!


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