To My Dudez,

September 6th came quickly this year! We’ve had quite a whirlwind summer with moving to a new home, meeting new friends, and now going to a new school. This is your 3rd elementary school in the same school district in the past 5 years. I guarantee that by the time you hit middle school, you will be the coolest kidz around because you will know everyone. Never to young to network!

This year is also new because Daddy will be picking you up from the bus stop. Daddy will be helping you with homework. Daddy will be getting you snacks. Daddy will be taking you to baseball, football, hip hop, cello, basketball practices. Daddy will be cooking dinner for you (by taking you to Quiznos). Daddy will attend Open Houses, Back-to-School night, PTA meetings, Diversity Night, Bingo, Strings concerts, and Parent-Teacher conferences. Daddy will go on field trips and work Kiss N’ Ride in the mornings. Mommy will . . . be jealous of Daddy.

I want you to know how much I wish I could be there for all of the fun things you will be doing with Daddy. I always hoped that I could schedule my work to greet you at the bus stop, but life sometimes doesn’t work out the way you plan, and that is OK. Mommy needs to work late. Mommy needs to go to class at night. Mommy needs to teach evening classes. Mommy needs to go to networking events with strangers. Mommy needs to travel to conferences. Mommy needs to study till 1:00 am.

You both are already brilliant in reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, so here is what I want you to learn this year: You have a terrific Daddy. The most that I can hope for when you grow up is that you are as wonderful of a husband and father to your wife and kids as your Daddy is to our family.

I promise that I will make most of your games and concerts, some of your practices, few of your school events, and maybe one of your field trips this year. Don’t worry though because Daddy will be there for all of them.


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